Does your property qualify for a laneway house?

There are several things to consider when determining whether or not you can build a laneway house on your property. Zoning and lot size are among the most important. If you’d rather not do all the research yourself, call or email us, tell us your address and we’ll determine if you can build a laneway house and if we think there are any obvious issues with the site.

All RS zones (single family) are eligible for laneway homes, and some RT (duplex) and RM (Multi-Family) are also eligible. If you don’t know what zone you’re in you can contact us, call the Enquiry Center at City Hall (604-873-7611) or look your zoning up on Van Map.


Any lot that is at least 32.15 feet wide is eligible for a laneway house. If your lot is narrower, up to 24 feet wide, the permit will have to be cleared by the director of planning but in most cases should still work.

Lot Width

There are numerous other things to consider when determining if you can build a laneway house. Things like fire access, lane access, site coverage, existing trees and other factors must be considered. If you’d like us to stop by and discuss any factors that may hinder you from building a laneway house just contact us and ask.


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